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The Doctors Whose Patients are Already Dead

The Atlantic

Inside the autopsy lab, pathologists talk about the emotional rewards of medicine's most-maligned specialty—and what it's like to work side-by-side with death.

 Photo by Joni Sternbach

Photo by Joni Sternbach

The Saints of Pittsburgh


A tiny neighborhood church is home to the greatest collection of relics outside of the Vatican.  A look at a 19th century priest's world-renowned treasures.

 Illustration by Thomas Howes

Illustration by Thomas Howes

The Father of The Emoticon Chases His Great White Whale


Scott Fahlman invented a playful keyboard shortcut that is now used more than six billion times a day. But he hopes to be remembered for something a bit more substantial than a smiley face.

More National Publications

Search History (Grand prize winner of Think Write Publish Science & Religion Writing Contest). Cross-published in Creative Nonfiction, Science & Religion, Issue #65 and Issues in Science and Technology 34, no. 1 (Fall 2017).

Valuation Methods (The Saturday Rumpus Essay). The Rumpus, December 2015.

Love in the Age of Reality TelevisionThe Atlantic, October 2015.

Her Hair. Vela, August 2015. 

Custerism (A Manifesto of Doubt)Identity Theory, August 2014.

I want to be a revolutionary, but I love Amazon Prime.

P&G Goes to Africa (print-only). Issue 4, The Atlas Review, September 2014.


Pittsburgh Publications

Radical Medicine & Pivots (in Feature "We Are the Medicine Makers, and We Are the Dreamers of Dreams"). Pitt Med Magazine, Winter 2017.

Pitt Student Startup Monarch Solar to Compete in ACC InVenture Prize Competition. University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute, March 2017.

Global Connector: Timothy Billiar. "Of Note" (p. 3) in Pitt Med Magazine, Spring 2017.

Pitt Innovators Find Clinical & Commercial Success in Immuno-Oncology. University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute, January 2017.

Our Neighborhoods, Our Cells. Profile of Dr. Mijung Park, who discovered a significant link between neighborhood quality and cellular aging. Pitt Magazine (Univ. of Pittsburgh), Summer 2016.

After Hours. Carnegie Magazine, Summer 2016.

Microcephaly Under Surveillance (print-only). "Of Note" in Pitt Med Magazine, Summer 2016.

Bite Into Life. Profile of toxicologist Thomas Kensler, whose unconventional cancer research brought him to Qidong, China 22 years ago. Pitt Magazine, cover story, Fall 2015

Scaled a Wall, Escaped a Rhino: It's just heart camp. Feature on Dr. Bill Neches Heart Camp for Kids. Pitt Med, Fall 2015.

NICU VIP. Profile of neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse/former NICU patient Brittany O’Rourke. Pitt Med, Fall 2015.

Homestead Triptych. Published in Belt Magazine's The Pittsburgh Anthology, September 2015. 

...travels through the centuries that took Homestead from an American industrial giant to a gentrified big-box shopping plaza.

Interviews and Reading Guides

Finding Fragments in Details. Interview with Issue #49 artist Sam Pash. Creative Nonfiction Magazine, Summer 2013.

Longform's Picks of the Week. Favorite international articles of the week, selected at Foreign Policy, May - August 2013.

The Longform Guide to Vacation. Slate, July 2013.

Research and Reporting

Inside the Federal Bureau of Way Too Many Guns (article by Jeanne Marie Laskas). GQ, August 2016. (credited: sidebar and additional reporting)

Concussion (book by Jeanne Marie Laskas). Penguin Random House, 2015. (credited: research)

To Obama With Love, Hate, and Desperation (article by Jeanne Marie Laskas). New York Times Magazine, January 2017. (uncredited: interviews and additional reporting)